At PixelRace, our mission is to support the film industry professionals by offering a technology solution that empowers artists with unparalleled creative freedom, simplifies workflows for technicians, optimizes budgets for producers, and significantly reduces environmental impact compared to traditional on-location productions.

Leveraging the advantages of virtual production, our approach can consume approximately one-third of the energy required by comparable offline-rendered methods, drastically slashing CO2 emissions. Our strategic commitment lies in providing top-notch 3D assets, software, and tools that make this sustainable solution accessible and user-friendly for a broader range of productions. By embracing PixelRace's cutting-edge offerings, film professionals can unlock a future of boundless creativity and eco-conscious filmmaking.

Meet the team

Maciej Żemojcin

CEO / Founder

The first Virtual Production producer in Poland, brings expertise in the field, acting as a VP specialist and script consultant for incorporating technology into storytelling. Driven by a passion for technically complex films and the seamless fusion of technology in narrative development, his interests span across game engines, high-speed shoots, motion control, and a myriad of cutting-edge electronic gadgets. Maciej's dedication to his craft propels him to continually explore and innovate within the evolving landscape of virtual production.

Krzysztof Kieszkowski

Main Programmer / Founder

An impressive 25-year career as an entertainment systems integrator and IT specialist. A skilled C++ team leader, Unreal Engine expert, and 3D artist, Krzysztof has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in his field. Notably, he was the mastermind behind one of Europe's first virtual TV studios in Hamburg, which debuted in 2010. With his vast experience and commitment to excellence, Krzysztof remains a driving force in the world of virtual production and technology integration.