Virtual Production

Our primary focus at PixelRace is to simplify the virtual film production process, making it more accessible by reducing the skill barrier of entry for film professionals.

We accomplish this by offering intuitive software and hardware tools that streamline and enhance the virtual production experience.


ATM Virtual

Software / Hardware

PixelRace's camera and props tracking software for virtual production unifies all your tracking systems within a single, cohesive ecosystem. Whether utilizing consumer-level, professional tracking systems, or motion control systems, our software seamlessly integrates them all. Designed for both professional and novice users, this comprehensive solution offers a versatile set of tools that can be applied simultaneously across all connected tracking devices, streamlining your virtual production workflow and enhancing creative possibilities.


PXR DrivingStage

Software / Hardware

The Synchronized Playout Software for virtual production offers a seamless solution for creating driving and flying scenes. Designed with eco-friendliness, budget-consciousness, and user experience in mind, this innovative software is both fun and easy to use. The intuitive interface allows filmmakers to effortlessly produce realistic and dynamic scenes, while significantly reducing environmental impact and costs associated with traditional production methods. With the Synchronized Playout Software, film professionals can unlock new realms of creativity and efficiency in their virtual productions.